Clients: Tvrđave kulture Šibenik, House of Art Arsen in Šibenik

Project date: February 2021.

Project type: Pro Light,

One of the most important symbols of Šibenik’s cultural scene throughout the history of that city is certainly the hall of the former Kina Odeon. After more than 20 years of neglect and deterioration, this iconic place has been reconstructed into a new modern multifunctional hall intended for music and stage events, cinema screenings, theater performances, exhibitions, conferences and other events. The hall is located in the center of Šibenik, and with its versatility, it gave this city a new place for all forms and colors of art. The new cultural space is managed by the Šibenik Fortress of Culture public institution. The reconstruction of the hall also gave it a new name, House of Art Arsen, which pays tribute to one of the greatest artists of recent Croatian history: academic musician, individual and intellectual, composer, singer-songwriter, painter, arranger, translator, quiet craftsman and poet of general practice, Šibenik musician and the artistic genius – Arsen Dedić!

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Project description

During the renovation, the space is divided into two parts, the entrance hall and the hall area. In the entrance lobby, there is a catering facility with a wardrobe from which you enter the hall, and the upper floor of the space is intended for performers and technicians. The hall has a capacity of 300 standing and 150 seated places, and is equipped according to the latest production standards – professional audio and lighting equipment. We are extremely proud that only during the reconstruction of the building we participated in the design of a professional lighting solution and equipping the hall with the same.

The hall will be used for various musical and stage purposes, therefore the lighting equipment should also be coordinated with the future function. In order to achieve this lighting multifunctionality, we delivered ten ROBE ROBIN ParFect 150 FW RGBA LED zoom reflectors, six ROBE ROBIN Pointe moving hybrid beam spot reflectors and twelve ROBE ROBIN LEDBeam 150 moving LED beam-wash reflectors. For the needs of stage effects, two haze machines from the German manufacturer Look Solutions were delivered – their famous model UNIQUE 2.1, which is characterized by very low liquid consumption compared to haze machines from other manufacturers. Three ENTTEC RDS8 DMX/RDM are installed for DMX signal distribution. After the completion of the reconstruction and furnishing of the hall, the Arsen House of Art was opened in June 2021 as a unique cultural infrastructure in Croatia.

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