Lighting system

Lighting systems

LAV Studio d.o.o. is an authorized distributor of world-class brands in the field of professional stage lighting equipment. Our lighting program includes various brands such as Robe, MA Lighting, CLF and others, with which we cover all our clients' needs.

As distributors of lighting equipment, we have many years of experience and are ready to provide high-quality stage lighting solutions. In our offer you can find intelligent lighting (various moving heads), movable and static LED lighting, architectural and theatrical lighting, control desks for stage lighting, various DMX cables, connectors, as well as all types of lighting for use at concerts, whether they are held at in open or closed areas.

All products from our distributor program are characterized by quality, functionality and reliable operation, and we provide our partner network with complete sales and after-sales support based on the dedicated work and kindness of our employees in the sales, logistics and service department, as well as an adequate stock of goods.

Anolis supplies the market with top-quality LED architectural lighting and boasts a wide range of fixtures for any environment. Anolis LED lighting fixtures are long-lasting, highly efficient and environmentally friendly.

CLF Lighting is a Dutch brand that develops high-quality lighting fixtures for concerts, theater, television and corporate events. Their products are well thought out, unique and distinctive, designed to meet the specific requirements of different markets.

ENTTEC was established in 1999 in Melbourne, Australia, and has earned its reputation through the design and production of innovative lighting control products that are affordable and compatible with other systems. Since then, ENTTEC has created nearly 100 products, including the popular DMX USB Pro, revolutionary RDM tools, and ELM (ENTTEC LED Mapper).

Founded by AV industry professionals with over 50 years of combined experience and knowledge. They enable the entertainment industry to push the boundaries of creative lighting use while optimizing the use of high-speed controller protocols.

Lupo was founded in 1932 by Carlo Lupo, who was dedicated to the production of equipment for professional photographic studios. Today, Lupo is a brand that exports “Made in Italy” quality, which is known for its product excellence and technical innovations in the field of professional lighting.

MA Lighting Technology GmbH – is an international leader in computer controlled lighting consoles, network components and digital dimming systems. Their mission is to offer the best products with free software that is constantly evolving.

ProLights designs and manufactures professional lighting and video panels for live events, concerts, broadcasting and installation. ProLights’ mission is to listen to their clients’ needs and deliver outstanding products that enhance their creative and technical experience.

Robe is among the world’s leading manufacturers of moving lights, known for its innovation, quality engineering and dedication to the highest production values. Their products are used in concert halls, TV studios and other facilities all over the world.

ShowLED is a specialized manufacturer that designs and develops LED solutions for the entertainment and architectural lighting industry. Known for LED component manufacturing, controllers, communication protocols, pixel mapping and custom manufacturing.

SRS LIGHTING focuses on dimming and power control of light and LEDs as well as complete solutions for touring and fixed installations. SRS LIGHTING manufactures a variety of RDM and DMX distributors, DATA converters and lighting consoles.

Dutch company that designs and manufactures controllers for the installation and architectural lighting industry. The current portfolio consists of various high-tech solutions for lighting management in various environments.

ZACTRACK brings to market an automated “tracking system” solution designed for outdoor events, theater stages and studios. It can track a large number of performers on stage and register them in a 3D computer model. Moving lights, cameras and video projections are very easily controlled and precisely coordinated.