This policy of privacy and protection of personal data (hereinafter: Privacy Policy) applies to the trading company LAV Studio d.o.o. further in the text marked with the term Company. The company does not process the personal data of physical persons or use it for any purpose. Due to the way some information and communication devices work, modern technologies lead to situations in which personal data is recorded in the information and communication system, so the processing of data cannot be avoided. This privacy policy applies to these situations.

Web pages

Browsing the web pages at www.lavstudio.com is anonymous. While the visitor is browsing the web pages, no data is collected that enables the visitor’s identification. Websites use ‘temporary’ cookies that are placed on the user’s computer and are only used for the duration of the visit. In order to provide statistical data on the use of these pages, Google Analytics is used, and more detailed information about this service and the user’s ability to set the way to use the cookies used for this purpose are available at:
The website contains links to other websites of the companies we cooperate with. The user should carefully study the privacy conditions on these pages, as the Company does not assume responsibility for their content and data processing method

Application procedure

The company processes the personal data of candidates who apply for a job with the purpose of selecting a candidate with whom to conclude an employment contract. The data is processed only for the purpose for which it was collected and is not forwarded to third parties. Candidates’ personal data in electronic form are kept for 3 months from the date of the end of the candidacy procedure, and are removed from all databases after the deadline. The original documents attached by the candidates to the employment advertisement are returned at the request of the candidate, and the attached copies are destroyed within the same period. If the candidate does not agree to the processing of personal data, the Company cannot take the application into consideration when selecting the candidate.
The personal data of candidates who have given their consent to keep their personal data in the database of potential employees are kept for one year with the purpose of enabling contact with potential employees in the event of a need for a worker of a certain profile.

Connection to internal network (WiFi access)

The company does not collect personal data of employees and guests who connect to the internal network in business premises.

Newsletter and webshop

To the address given by the customer for the purpose of communication related to the purchase of products and services offered by the Company, or to the address of legal entities with whom it is in constant business contact, the Company electronically delivers a newsletter with information about news on offer. The company will also deliver the newsletter to persons who expressly request it, and who have expressed their consent for data processing with such a request.

Rights of respondents

Any person who believes that LAV Studio d.o.o. processed his data has the right:

Please contact the Data Protection Officer with any of these requests. If you are not satisfied with our reaction, you have the right to contact the competent data protection authority, i.e. the Agency for Personal Data Protection.


If you would like to contact us or have questions, please contact the personal data protection officer at info@lav-studio.hr

This Privacy Policy is made available to the public by posting it on the website, which was done on 10.11.2023.

General manager: Davor Vujić