Stages and Truss systems

LAV Studio d.o.o. is an authorized distributor of global brands in the field of professional aluminum truss systems, stages and praktikabels.

Our stage and construction program includes various brands such as Block&Block, Everdeck, Stagmaker, TAF Truss and others, with which we cover all the needs of our clients. In our offer you can find various aluminum profiles, towers and roofs, the stages and stage elements, various aluminum loading ramps, various lifting motors and other equipment.

All products from our distribution program are characterized by top quality and functionality, and we provide our clients with complete sales and after-sales support, which is based on the dedicated work and kindness of our employees in the sales, logistics and service departments, as well as adequate stock and fast delivery of goods.

Spanish manufacturer and distributor of lifting towers, girders and platforms. They guarantee the effectiveness, safety and durability of all products, and their lifting towers are certified according to all European standards.

Everdeck designs and manufactures high-end elements for stages. They provide complete solutions for portable stages, outdoor stage boards, indoor stage podiums, tribunes, choir stairs, catwalks and stage constructions.

SRS Rigging by SRS Group manufactures a wide range of direct and low voltage chain hoist controllers.

Stagemaker® SR motors are designed to handle stage and theater equipment and guarantee safety. With its innovation, constant upgrading in accordance with current technologies and global regulations (CE, DIN, CSA, GOST), the range of Stagemakers motor cranes raises performance standards in the entertainment market.

The company Truss Aluminum Factory has established itself on the world market in the field of production of aluminum structures. Their products are characterized by variability, lightness, flexibility and ease of use.