Clients: Hard Rock Cafe Dubrovnik, Klarisa d.o.o.

Project date: veljača 2023

Project type: Lighting, Stages and Truss systems,

Considering the massive tourist attendance throughout the year and positioning as one of the prominent European cities, Dubrovnik was an ideal place for the realization of the project of opening the first licensed Hard Rock Cafe in Croatia. This exciting project was realized in April 2023 when Hard Rock Cafe Dubrovnik opened its doors for the first time. Located at Poljana Paška Miličevića 4, this unique space, the former monastery of the Clares, has been transformed into a beautiful cafe/restaurant that covers more than 850 square meters. It consists of three main areas, including an indoor area and a Rock shop, a courtyard with a terrace and a “street” outdoor terrace with a view of the famous Great Onofrio’s Fountain. Employees of Hard Rock Cafe Dubrovnik welcome their visitors with an extraordinary atmosphere enriched with classic rock memorabilia, such as guitars, costumes and photos of famous musicians. . It is this unique combination that creates an experience that will take visitors to the unforgettable world of rock and roll and provide them with an unforgettable experience.

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We are extremely proud that during the project preparation of this wonderful restaurant/cafe, we participated in designing and equipping the space with professional lighting, stage and truss equipment. All the offered equipment from our distribution met the strict standards of the Hard Rock International license, and to ours and the client’s satisfaction, we soon began implementing it.


There are two separate stages in the Hard Rock Cafe, the smaller inner one is intended for performances by solo/duo/trio performers, and on the larger outdoor stage located in the atrium, the possibilities are much greater and on it HRC can host larger bands. For stage lighting, we offered and implemented a large number of Robe LED lighting. On the indoor stage, we installed Robe ParFect 150™ RGBA fixtures that feature a bright ACL-style light beam with zoom control and high CRI in an economical LED format. 7x 40W RGBA multichips provide an output of 2800 lumens with a zoom range of 3.8 to 60 degrees. On the outdoor stage, we implemented the same solution only in IP 65 form, the Robe iParFect 150™ FWQ RGBA. Lighting is controlled via two Visual Production Cuety LPU-2, control DMX interfaces with a tablet-based lighting control application.


Both stages are composed of Everdeck Versa 750 practicable with a load capacity of 750 kilograms per square meter. Practicabels are made of water-resistant anti-slip plywood in black color. Along with them, all additional equipment for installation such as couplings, legs, levelers, profiles for mounting curtains and curtains were delivered and mounted. A TAF FT34 aluminum square structure was implemented next to the stage, which is used for setting up lighting. The construction is in RAL 701 color and is composed of a floor base and various corner and square segments.


In order to complete the stage experience for the needs of live events, we also delivered Look Solutions Unique 2.1. a 1.5 kW haze generator that can be controlled via DMX signals.

During the entire planning process and the installation itself, we maintained clear communication with our client. This is exactly what helped us provide a top-quality final product that met all the client’s needs and requirements.

This project was carried out by our partners LAV Projekt, on whose website you can learn more about the design and implementation of audio and video equipment for the needs of this project. Find out more: LAV Projekt

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