Role of smoke machines in the creation of visual effects

Would you like to create visual effects that will leave your guests speechless? Are you planning an unforgettable performance of the performer on the stage or the newlyweds on the wedding podium? You certainly know that you need a smoke machine to create such an enchanting and unforgettable atmosphere. They are the subject of today's blog. We will describe in more detail what smoke machines are, how they work and what their role is in creating an impressive visual impression that takes your breath away.


1. Introduction to smoke machines - what are they and how do they work?

There are many names for smoke machines; hazers, fog machines, smoke machines, smoke generators, but each device with that name has a unique role - providing an unforgettable visual experience. A smoke machine is actually a device that allows us to create unique, mysterious and dramatic atmospheres with the help of artificially generated smoke. Today, smoke machines are used for various stage applications. Whether it's a concert, theater or film use, weddings, fashion shows, various clubs and cafes, these devices deliver unforgettable experiences with the use of professional lighting equipment.


The devices work on the principle of heating special liquids for smoke or fog, which are transformed into dense smoke or fine fog by this heating, which then fills the space in which they are used. By combining them with lighting, these smoke machines create spectacular effects that add depth and the desired atmosphere to an event.


2. Types of smoke machines

There are different kinds and types of smoke machines that use different smoke fluids to create different visual effects. The most common types of smoke machines are:

  • Small smoke machines – small compact devices are ideal for smaller spaces. They produce a fine mist that spreads quickly and creates subtle smoke effects. They mostly use batteries as a power source and can be controlled manually or remotely using DMX or radio remote control.lav studio distributor of Look solutions smoke machines and smoke liquids
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  • Large smoke machines – Machines of larger size and larger volume of smoke liquid. They produce thick smoke that stays in the room for a long time. They are mainly used for larger events such as concerts, theater and film productions where it is necessary to deliver a very intense smoke effect.lav studio looksolution distributor of smoke machines and smoke liquids Croatia
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  • Hazers- a special type of smoke machine that produces an almost invisible fog that emphasizes the light effects. They are very often used in concerts to create the atmosphere needed for the prominent light beams produced by the lighting fixtures.lav studio distributor of Look solutions smoke machines and smoke liquids in croatia

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  • Low-lying smoke machines – This type of smoke machine creates fog and smoke that stays low to the ground. That thick smoke does not rise into the air, and they are often used at music concerts, weddings and fashion shows.


Smoke machines can also be divided according to the principle on which they work, that is, according to the source of the smoke. We divide them into:

  • Ice-based smoke machines – A type of smoke machine that uses solid dry ice to create smoke and fog. Dry ice creates a very dense fog that evaporates quickly.
  • Water-based smoke machines – the most used type of machine. Machines that use a water-based liquid create everything from thin clouds to very dense and huge amounts of smoke and fog. The smoke is less dense than with oil-based machines, but they require less maintenance or cleaning of the machine.
  • Oil-based smoke machines – By heating specialized machine oil, the smoke lasts much longer than that made with water-based liquids and takes much longer to evaporate. The disadvantage is clogging of machines due to oil.


Each type of smoke machine has its advantages and disadvantages and provides different smoke effects. Choosing the right type depends on the specific needs of the event or production. Low-lying smoke machines are ideal for creating visually interesting effects close to the ground, while ice-based smoke machines are suitable for those who want a thick and fast-evaporating fog. Oil-based smoke machines are perfect for long-lasting fog effects, while water-based smoke machines are customizable and can create different types of fog according to event needs.

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3. Role of smoke machines at events

Beams of light passing through clouds of smoke can create truly spectacular visual effects. Since smoke machines provide the ability to control the density and duration of the smoke period, they allow light designers to create various atmospheres. From emphasized laser effects, clear beams of light penetrating through the smoke to various "colored" atmospheres on stage. Techniques such as directional light through the smoke, using multiple smoke machines to create layers of smoke, or synchronizing the release of smoke with the music on stage can provide unique visual results. The purpose of smoke machines can be very different whether it is to create impressive visual effects or to add depth and dimension to the stage. Good planning, positioning and creative use of smoke machines can result in truly spectacular results.

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4. Why you need a smoke machine for your next event?

From the above we can conclude that the use of smoke machines can bring your event to a completely different level. From enhancing the visual impression to create a magical ambiance to highlighting the lighting, smoke machines have the power to transform your next event. We present to you the 5 main reasons why you should consider using smoke machines for your next event!

  1. Enhance visual effects – Smoke machines can add dynamic visuals to any event. Clouds of smoke moving across the stage or dance floor can create a stunning, attention-grabbing atmosphere.
  2. Create a mystical ambiance – Smoke and fog have the ability to create a mystical, magical and enchanting ambiance. They actually have the power to transport your guests to a completely different magical world.
  3. Highlighting lighting effects – The play of smoke and light adds depth and a new dimension to your event. In addition to improving the visual impression, you also improve the cinematic quality of images and videos from your event or production.
  4. Creating dramatic entrances - Create a grand entrance that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. With a smoke machine strategically placed at the entrance, you can create a dramatic effect as visitors walk through a cloud of fog. This is exactly what is very popular at today's weddings when the newlyweds enter. Add an element of surprise and anticipation by setting the tone for your event experience.
  5. 5. Versatility, Affordability and Ease of Use – Compared to other special effects equipment, smoke machines are relatively affordable and readily available to rent or buy. With their versatile use and ease of use, they are simply a "must have" for your event.


Smoke machines play a key role in creating breathtaking visual effects. In our LAV Studio distribution of stage effects, you can find various types of smoke machines and smoke liquids. Likewise, our experts can offer you various advice and inform you about all the possibilities of devices from our offer. If you need advice or want to get a smoke machine for your next event, send us an inquiry!