NovaPro UHD is a new all-in-one video controller developed by Novastar. By integrating video processing, video control and LED screen configuration functions into one controller, this product is capable of receiving various video signals, processing and sending images of the resolution up to ultra HD 4Kx2K@60Hz.

NovaPro UHD is equipped with the mainstream 4K connectors in the market, and has been added some new functions, such as video rotation processing and video transition effects. With the built-in smart platform Master VI, NovaPro UHD supports layer creation, prooperty sestting and screen configuration by simple mouse, keyboard or monitor operations. Wherever a mobile phone or PAD device is available, everything is under control.

NovaPro UHD supports sending the processed video to LED display throught Neutrik Ethernet port, fiber optical connector or SDI connector. With powerful video processng and sending abilities, NovaPro UHD is well suited for high-end rental applications, stage control systems and small pitch LED displays.

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