RoboSpot is a remote follow-spot system compatible with any of Robe’s BMFL range of fixtures already in rental stock, which has been devised as a solution for situations where it is impractical to install an operated follow spot position.

A ground operated base station communicates with a camera mounted on the BMFL fixture which follows the performer or object to be tracked.

The RoboSpot Camera functions (focus, zoom, precise pan / tilt movement) are DMX remote-controlled, and it provides a ‘first-person’ view for the ground-based follow spot operator. Video data is transferred in real-time from the Camera to the RoboSpot base station via Ethernet.

The RoboSpot base station has a video screen giving the operator a live view of the performer or object being followed from the fixture-mounted camera. Using a set of special handles with two programmable faders mapped, for example, to the dimmer and iris functions on the luminaire, the operator’s movement of the handles is calibrated and fed via DMX as positional data for the pan and tilt movement of the BMFL units being controlled as ‘RoboSpots’.

One RoboSpot base station can control up to twelve BMFL fixtures rigged in different locations around the stage, performance space or venue.

A panel on the base station features a touch screen display and four custom programmable jog-wheels plus ten assignable buttons is fully customization to suit the operator. The programmable buttons, faders and jog-wheels allow the operator to comfortably trigger and control parameters like dimmer, focus, iris, colours and the many other features of the units being controlled.

While being operated as a follow-spot, the remote console can still take control of all the internal features of the unit like dimmer, colours, etc.


More information you can get at manufactures page.

  • 15.6“ monitor
  • QVGA Robe touch screen with battery backup
  • 4 control jog-wheels
  • 10 preset buttons with a direct access of the pre- programmed features
  • Power consumption: max. 25W
  • Weight: 17.5 kg (38.6 lbs)

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