BMFL LightMaster is an accessory comprising xternally mounted, fully programmable follow-spot handles with a control panel and two individual faders that enable any of Robe‘s BMFL range of fixtures to be run as a follow spot.

Available as either side or back mounting, the two programmable faders can be assigned, for example, as dimmer and iris. The control panel has a touch screen display, four custom programmable jog-wheels plus ten ‘soft’ buttons so the unit can be fully-customized to suit the operator / user.

The programmable buttons, jog-wheels and faders allow the operator to comfortably trigger and control dimmer, iris, focus, zoom, frost, colours and other parameters.

The BMFL fixture’s internal settings enable pan/tilt movement behaviour to be individually tailored by adjusting tension, smoothness and resistance, and while it is running in follow-spot mode, the remote console can still be used to access and take control of all these internal features, like dimmer, colours etc.

The LightMaster handles can be quick-mounted in either the back or side positions using quarter turn locking screws, and the control panel connects to the BMFL luminaire via USB.


More information you can get at manufactures <a href=””>page</a>.

  • QVGA Robe touch ekran s besprekidnim napajanjem
  • 4 kontrolna kotača
  • 10 preset gumbiju s direktnim pristupom na progamirane funkcije
  • Gumbi za Pan / Tilt kočenje

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