Meet zactrack – automated on-scene Follow-System

lav studio - zactrack automatizirani sustav praćenja na sceni

We present zactrack, the manufacturer of the first "plug & play" automated follow system in real time that enables fully automated management of stage lighting, video and sound in a 3D working environment.

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zactrack Lighting Technologies GmbH was founded in 2009 in Austria. The main headquarters of the company is located in Vienna, where the production, research and development departments are also located. In order to provide its customers with better sales and customer support worldwide, the company opened zactrack International GmbH in 2021, based in Paderborn, Germany, which specializes in international sales, business development, training and technical support. Through its distribution network, zactrack is present in North and South America, Africa, Asia and Europe.

Automated Follow System

By integrating lighting, sound and video into a unified system controlled by one product, zactrack takes tracking to the next level. This innovative technology marks a new chapter in the creation of dynamic show effects adapted to human experiences in various environments such as concerts, TV, theaters and churches. zactrack provides a versatile solution for any production, while ensuring an immersive audience experience. Its use is becoming more and more common at sporting events, so we had the opportunity to see this system at halftime of last year's Super Bowl.

How zactrack system work?

zactrack uses high-tech sensors to track the position of people and moving objects in real time. Using state-of-the-art radio tracking Ultra-Wide-Band (UWB) technology, which operates in the frequency spectrum from 6.2 to 6.7 GHz, the tiny transmitter worn by the performer transmits signals that provide extremely precise location data. Using zactrack software, using advanced mathematics to locate the correct position and orientation of the device, this data is processed and integrated with other systems such as lighting control, which then sets the location of the lighting device in the space where the person is, and the lighting device "follows" the performer or a certain subject on scene. zactrack tracking pinpoints the target to +/- 5cm accuracy and uses advanced predictive math to cope with moving speeds. It can track almost anything from acrobats and hockey players to racing cars.

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So, the use is very simple, the person or moving object that is to be tracked receives a small transmitter (tracker) that transmits radio signals via antennas placed next to the stage, and by using a 3D computer model, these signals are processed in real time. This allows for perfect coordination and monitoring of the artist during the performance. The technology enables simple control and precise regulation of moving lighting fixtures, cameras or video projections on the space where the performer is located. This completeness of its functionality makes it the perfect tool for various applications such as theaters, television studios, sports arenas, concert halls, corporate events and more.


zactrack solutions

The zactrack product portfolio offers scalable solutions for spaces of all sizes, from smaller, more intimate spaces (eg theater stages) to large complex spaces such as concert arenas. With a unified software package for all products, zacktrack users can enjoy the same set of features or options in any area or on all zactrack products.

One of these possibilities is the possibility of zoning the performance area. This feature allows stage designers to define zones on the stage in which the desired actions are automatically triggered, for example, it enables dimming or changing the color of the background lighting when the artist on the stage reaches a certain space or predefined zone.

Check out the video ours testing of zactrack SMART system on stage: LAV-Studio-zactrack-test

zactrack product family consists of three members:

zactrack PRO

zactrack SMART

zactrack mini

Tracking quality is maintained regardless of which zactrack product you choose. You can find out more about each solution and the differences between the products on the zactrack product comparison page.

If you are interested in a demonstration/presentation, we would like to emphasize that the zactrack SMART system is available for a demo and that we can present you the capabilities of this system live.

For more information about zactrack products and their availability, send us an inquiry.