Visual Productions – Versatile family of control solutions

Visual Productions was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in the Netherlands. Visual Productions designs and manufactures innovative controllers for installations, LED lighting and architectural lighting industry.

LAV Studio - Visual Productions distributer Hrvatska

The company's current portfolio consists of various high-tech solutions for lighting management in hospitality, museums, religious buildings, retail, theme parks, cruise ships and architectural landmarks. Ease of operation and built-in communication technologies make these lighting controllers ideal for system integration. Software applications and hardware devices are designed with a strong focus on usability, resulting in versatile, easy-to-use products. All Visual Productions products can "communicate" with almost all protocols known to system integrators, AV technicians and lighting designers.

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System integration is most effective when it includes seamless integration of lighting, audio and video. In order to achieve that Visual Productions products are integrated with the most relevant control platforms such as Q-SYS, Pixer and Netgear, but are also compatible with other manufacturers such as MA Lighting, the manufacturer of grandMA3 lighting controls.

We are extremely proud of the fact that LAV Studio is the distributor of Visual Productions innovative solutions for Croatia.

Below we would like to present several interesting Visual Productions products.

Visual Productions CueCore3

LAV Studio distribucija - Visual Productions CueCore3

CueCore3 is a lighting controller with 2048 DMX channels intended for permanent installations. The device is completely solid-state, and is a safe solution for installation control that does not require too much maintenance. It is intended for system integrators and professional users, such as theaters, concert halls and museums, and is used for control, automation, scenario creation, recording and playback. CueCore3 is also a lighting controller for the most demanding architectural lighting projects.

LAV Studio distribucija - Visual Productions CueCore3 back

Equipped with a powerful processor and large flash memory (DMX memory of 6GB) that offer wide programming possibilities in terms of playback, recording and automation. It allows up to 16 simultaneous playbacks of 128 scenes, and playback can be fully automated and triggered by different protocols based on IP, GPI, MIDI or according to an internal schedule. CueCore3 supports Purple Cloud and dynamic web programming. Includes license CueluxPro lighting control software. The device contains four DMX ports, each bidirectional and optically isolated, as well as a MIDI input and output. It is the successor of the successful, smaller CueCore2 in terms of channels and memory, which, unlike the CueCore3, is not an RDM controller.


Visual Productions Cuety

LAV Studio distribucija - Visual Productions Cuety LPU-1 i tablet s Cuety aplikacijom

Cuety is a lighting control application that is integrated into the system via ethernet with Cuety LPU DMX interface. This application is a new generation lighting controller that turns your iPad into a powerful lighting console. Economical and easy to use, Cuety allows you to take full advantage of the iPad's mobility. It comes with full support for all lighting fixtures, LED and conventional lighting and DMX controlled special effects.

LAV Studio Visual Productions distributer Hrvatska - Grafika povezivanja Cuety LPU sa tabletom i rasvjetnim tijelima


The Cuety LPU is a device that offers an optically isolated DMX-512 port through which you connect your lighting to the Cuety user interface. It is available in two versions. LPU-1 is intended for stage lighting management, and LPU-2 is intended for fixed installations and, unlike LPU-1, offers additional protocols such as OSC, UDP, TCP and HTTP. This is what makes it possible to connect to a wide range of control systems and applications such as Visual Productions Kiosc.


Visual Productions B-station2

LAV Studio distribucija - Visual Productions B-station2 front

B-station2 is an independent lighting control that offers a multitude of integration options with its six buttons. It can be used as a button panel through which control commands can be sent. They can be sent via DMX, UDP, OSC, Art-Net or sACN. The buttons of the B-station2 control are equipped with RGB LED rings that can be freely programmed to create an intuitive user experience, for example by indicating which button or scene is active. The B-Station2 is the ideal device for running lighting scenes stored in a CueCore2 or LPU-2 controller.

LAV Studio distribucija - Visual Productions B-station2

For small lighting projects, B-Station2 is a smart, compact and completely self-contained solution. Equipped with a two-way DMX connection, it can be programmed via the web interface. It contains a patch for 32 lighting fixtures and 6 reproductions. Due to the possibility of connectivity with many protocols, it is compatible with a wide range of equipment such as audio players, media servers and show controls, and for this reason it is very practical to use in system integration projects.


All products from the Visual Productions family are available in our offer. For more information, send an inquiry.

In addition to the mentioned devices, the Visual Productions product family includes CueCore and CueCore2, QuadCore, DaliCore (for DALI control), IoCore (extension module for additional GPI, GPO and RS-232 ports), Kiosc Touch (touch screen solution), RdmSplitter and DmxMerger (DMX tools)

You can find out more about Visual Productions products on their website.