TAF – Leader in the production of high-quality aluminum truss systems

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Truss Aluminum Factory (TAF) is a company from the Czech Republic, which has been in existence since 1998. In that period, TAF has established itself as one of the leading leaders in the production of high-quality aluminum truss systems in the world. Their products are sold and distributed throughout the world. The main characteristics of TAF products are variability, flexibility, lightness and ease of use. Of course, with high-quality material, which, together with a strictly checked welding process, strict testing and high-standard packaging, make TAF products what they are.

lav studio distributor of taf aluminum truss systems - welding process

TAF brings a complete line of aluminum truss systems to the global market. Their entire product line includes multiple aluminum truss systems, truss towers, truss roofs, truss LED frames, various matching accessories, loading ramps and many other products.

The entire TAF production follows the harmonized European norm EN 1090, the latest norm for the production of aluminum and steel truss systems, as well as other essential production standards such as CE, TUV and GSI SLV, which show that the production of the product is made, tested and certified according to EU standards.

We are extremely proud that LAV Studio, as a TAF distributor for Croatia, delivers high-quality aluminum truss equipment from this manufacturer to our market.

Lines of TAF aluminum truss systems

The variety and various possibilities of assembling, connecting and using the truss are certainly the elements that distinguish TAF from competing manufacturers. In order to remain a leader in this business, TAF continues to develop and innovate its products, making it easier for users of its products to use them. The lines of TAF aluminum truss systems differ according to the types of joints used. Main types of connections are:

  • QUICKLOCK line– this line is defined by a quick-lock connection system. The biggest advantage of this type of connection is the quick and easy assembly of the truss with a high level of strength and durability. Also known as connecting truss, it represents the widest range of TAF aluminum truss products.LAV Studio distribucija - TAF truss - prikaz quicklock spoja
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  • BOLTED truss – this line represents the traditional type of connection. The segments are interconnected with screws in all four corners of the truss. There are three types of screw truss elements and they are divided into light duty, medium duty and heavy duty.
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  • FORK truss – fork or forked truss elements are connected via FORK connectors. The element has a set of female connectors on one side of the truss and a set of male connectors on the other side that simply connect. The connection is ensured by a special fork pin and a safety clamp.
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  • FALCONN truss – Falconn is the latest TAF type of connection and is introduced in the FN24 truss series. The connection is based on a very simple locking system that does not require the use of other connection accessories. There are two safety rings on each connection, the first locks the connector in place and the second secures the connection. The Falconn double locking system ensures the necessary strength and safety of the connected elements.
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TAF Towers

TAF towers, like other truss elements, have a wide range of applications. The two main or basic types of TAF tower systems are divided into towers that are used as supports for various truss systems (e.g. in roof truss systems or in truss constructions with a large span) and PA towers that are used as independent supports for sound systems (e.g. .line array).

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TAF Roof Truss Systems

The wide range of TAF roof systems consists of a really large selection of dimensions and designs. This is exactly what gives you freedom of choice and finding the desired solution.

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TAF LED frames

LED frames from TAF truss elements are an excellent choice for any event with the projection of various contents for the public. As standard, they offer three sizes of LED truss frame and LED Support truss for hanging LED screens of larger dimensions in a very balanced and stable way.

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TAF Totems and U-torms

Totems and truss rings represent the elements of the product according to the requirements and needs of customers. These circular or square "frames" made of aluminum tubes or square aluminum profiles, open up additional possibilities in simple truss installations, since different truss elements can be connected to them, thus turning them into a factory pole, a disco tower, a lighting or audio holder. There are many different variants of totem bases, which differ in size, shape, material used, types of connection and the number of possible connections.

U-Torms are constructions made of aluminum pipes of different diameters and wall strength that can be joined together. There are many different variations of U frames, but they all have one thing in common. They open the door to creativity in planning the design and assembly of the truss. These products can be interconnected in many ways creating not only two-dimensional truss networks but also 3D formats either for hanging A/V/L equipment or simply as a special truss structure with significant design impact.

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TAF loading ramps

TAF loading ramps are made of aluminum profiles specially designed for heavy loads. TAF offers a wide range of ramps that can be varied in dimensions to suit client needs. Standard manufactured ramps come in the following widths of 80 cm, 100 cm and 110 cm.

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All the mentioned TAF products, as well as additional truss equipment, are available in our offer. If you need a complete truss solution, contact our team for additional consultation and we will offer a solution suitable for your needs.