ROBE iSeries – reliability in all weather conditions

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We present ROBE and their iSeries, a series of professional lighting fixtures for all weather conditions with the IP65 mark!


lav studio Robe Lighting distributor Croatia

Robe is an internationally recognized manufacturer of moving lights that ranks among the world's leading manufacturers of professional lighting equipment. Their quality engineering, innovation and commitment to the highest production values place them at the top of the industry. ROBE is headquartered in the Czech Republic, where all production processes take place, and ROBE products proudly carry the "Made in the European Union" label. All elements of the manufacturing process, including plastic molding, metal construction, PCB manufacturing, optical testing, etc., are performed in-house and additional manufacturing components are also sourced from the EU.

Today, the ROBE logo represents top quality and innovation in the world of professional lighting. Their products are present on stages all over the world but also in Croatia, illuminating various performances and creating unforgettable experiences.

We are proud that LAV Studio is the Robe Lighting distributor Croatia! 

ROBE iSeries

LAV Studio Robe Lighting distributor Croatia - iSeries

The new ROBE iSeries line represents a series of intelligent lighting devices that combine the latest technologies with superior design. The entire series boasts an IP65 rating, which is suitable for outdoor use in all humid, foggy, steamy environments, in short, ROBE iSeries lighting fixtures are resistant to almost all weather conditions.

The iSeries consists of ROBE's most popular lighting standards:

LAV Studio Robe distributor Croatia - Robe iSeries family

All lighting fixtures from this series are also available in our offer. For more information about the product or availability, please contact our light experts.


You can find more information about iSeries at the following link: