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lav studio robe representative Croatia - robe show ldi vegasLast week, Robe presented four new outstanding products that you can also find in our LAV Studio distribution! At this year's LDI in Las Vegas, Robe presented new Robe iT12 Profile™, Robe T32 Cyc™ cyclorama and two new variants from the PATT series of scene lighting Robe HolyPATT™ i Robe MolyPATT™. Find out more about the new Robe lighting fixtures below.

Robe iT12 Profile™

New member of Robe iSeries iT12 Profile™ with IP65 mark, is a static modular profile for outdoor applications that comes with impressive CRI of 95+ and output from over 13 000 lumens. It ensures worry-free application for theatres, television and concerts, whether the events are held outdoors or indoors. It comes with iSE-MSL-TE™ 500W TRANSFERABLE ENGINE Multi-Spectral light source..

lav studio robe distributor Croatia - Robe it12 static profile device


Other unique Robe innovations are included such as DataSwatch™ – which is used to quickly select the most reliable colors and tones; L3™ –(Low Light linearity); 18-bit dimming for ultra-smooth dimming; BARS™ which locks motorized zoom and focus firmly in place even during power-up cycles; RAINS™ active management to control humidity, temperature and pressure and POLAR+™ which maintains instant availability down to minus 50°C for the harshest and coldest environments.

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Robe T32 Cyc™

Designed in collaboration with the world's leading designers of lighting, opera houses and theaters,Robe T32 Cyc™ cyclorama has all the performance, tools, subtlety and control to help you create even more exciting and visually stimulating scenes.

lav studio robe representative Croatia - professional stage lighting - new goods t32 cyclorama

Effective cyc lighting has always been a challenge, and this product solves all the problems of the past and achieves longer range, smoother coverage and greater visual impact. Robe T32 Cyc™ low profile cyclorama contains powerful multichip RGBBAL LEDs to generate high levels of illumination and faithfully reproduce the full-spectrum colors and shades preferred by designers around the world. The asymmetric 6:1 optical system produces uniform flat field coverage even when the object is e.g. the background wall in the immediate vicinity of the cyclorama, freeing up precious space on the stage for performers, scenography, props, etc.

Whether from the top or base of the cyclorama, Robe's unique, patented motorized feature VertiSpot™ provides vertical cross point control, superior mixing and vertical output variation. Four individually controllable zones offer increased variation and effects, and motorized tools that facilitate split-second scene changes, giving designers much more scope than time-consuming, conventional, hand-tuned fixtures!

The T32 Cyc™ has the color consistency of Robe's T-Series and seamlessly integrates with other lighting, thanks to the virtually controlled CCT in range from 2.700K to 8.000K, plus calibrated white color, DAtaSwatch™ built-in color library and tungsten emulation. All colors are displayed perfectly with exceptional CR:96 and TLCI:97, and RGB or CMY color mixing control offers faster programming.


HolyPATT™ and MolyPATT™

lav studio robe representative Croatia - holypatt and molypatt robe led lighting fixtures

Adding retro style to broadcasting, events, stages or film sets, Robe's PATT family of LED lighting fixtures has expanded with two new variants. Available in two sizes, Robe HolyPATT™ and smaller MolyPATT™ brings an elegant warm tungsten glow that adds incredible stage elements to any show and with its timeless brushed aluminum finish, it becomes fantastic for set decoration and ambiance in any space.

robe Croatian representative - picture of holypatt and molypatt

Based on the revolutionary Robe PATT2013™, the HolyPATT™ and MolyPATT™ feature a 4W vintage LED filament bulb with a soft coil, 1800K color temperature that creates high reflections and a warm atmospheric glow.

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Since LAV Studio is Robe's representative for Croatia, all of the listed new products as well as the entire Robe assortment is available in our offer. For more information on new Robe products and the availability of individual products send inquiry.

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