Celebrating 30 years of innovation: Introducing new ROBE products

ROBE lighting celebrated its thirtieth birthday at the Prolight+Sound 2024 fair in Frankfurt! In order to mark 30 years of proudly accepting the challenges of the industry and the continuous innovative process, they proudly presented their latest products, which we, as proud exclusive Robe distributors, are presenting to you today.

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The future of lighting technology - ROBE iBOLT™

ROBE iBOLT™ is a unique, innovative and extremely bright searchlight that is the first modern replacement for conventional 7K xenon reflectors on the market. With the same feature set as Robe's revolutionary and universally popular MegaPointe®, the iBOLT is a White Source Laser that can be beam, spot or wash for stage or outdoor use. With its large 300mm front lens, the iBOLT has been described as "MegaPointe on super-steroids!"

LAV Studio - Robe lighting distributeri Hrvatska - Novi Robe iBolt

The new LSW-5™ white laser phosphor light source generates an incredible power of 500 W and delivers a beam of light with an intensity of 120,000 lux at 100 meters. With such an amazing result, the iBOLT™ provides superior contrast across the night sky with maximum effect.

The front 300mm lens has precision optics to create high-resolution beams that can be adjusted using a zoom of 0.4° to 8.5°. It comes with Robe SpektraBeam™, a patented effects engine that changes the paradigm and creates transformative lighting experiences.

LAV Studio - Robe lighting distributeri Hrvatska - Novi Robe iBolt - Front slika uređaja

To maximize color options, the iBOLT™ features a CMY color mixing system and a color wheel containing 13 colors. With the built-in DataSwatch™ color library of 66 pre-programmed colors, including the most common whites, you have the tool to cover everything from densely saturated to the most refined pastels.

To be safe for the environment iBOLT uses ScanGuard™ patented continuous safety monitoring feature with automatic cutting to prevent looking directly into the light source. To cope with the most challenging outdoor environmental conditions, the device uses Robe's patented  POLAR+™, EMS™ i RAINS™ IP protection technologies.

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Robe has presented iSpiiderX®, the pinnacle of the most modern design, construction and protection technology, was also presented. Evolving from the esteemed legacy of its predecessor, the original iSpiider®, this high-performance intelligent light fixture boasts an IP65 rating, ensuring resistance to all weather conditions.

LAV Studio - Robe lighting distributeri Hrvatska - Novi Robe iSpiiderX - Front slika uređaja

Tailored for festivals, concerts, outdoor events and weather-prone environments, the iSpiiderX® combines state-of-the-art materials with a minimalist design, and weighs just 18kg. It features the leading active ROBE RAINS™ IP65 protection system for unmatched durability.

Equipped with 18 × 40-W RGBW and 1 × 60-W LED multichip sources, the iSpiiderX® maintains the basic specifications of the original Spiider®. Its 12.5:1 optical zoom system provides a versatile range from a narrow 4° beam to a wide 50° wash, while maintaining full pixel mapping capability.

LAV Studio - Robe lighting distributeri Hrvatska - Novi Robe lighting iSpiiderX

iSpiiderX® trademark is the patented MCFE™ - Multi-Coloured Flower Effect, powered by a central 60W RGBW LED multichip. This feature produces vibrant, rotating and multicolored 'spikes' of light, enhancing the visual spectacle of any performance. With an IP65 design and an extremely low weight of 18 kg, the iSpiiderX delivers an impressive 13100 lumens at 5 m.

DataSwatch™ filters offer a range of pre-programmed colors and tones including the most commonly used whites of 2700K, 3200K, 4200K, 5600K and 8000K – all with an excellent tungsten emulation effect.

Another important feature of the new iSpiiderX is EasyClean™, a newly designed and patented 'sandwich' lens system for easy lens cleaning and maintenance, and there is also a non-reflective front lens that has proven to be ideal for TV broadcasting applications.

With the patented MAPS™ Motionless Absolute Positioning System, POLAR+™ technology and Cpulse™ flicker-free control, the new iSpiiderX simply amazes.


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Other ROBE innovations introduced in Frankfurt

In addition to the previously mentioned products,  ROBE also presented iESPRITE® Fresnel, T15 Fresnel™ and T15 PC™ , Footsie1™ and Footsie2™ Slim versions, T32 Cyc™  and T32 Cyc™ SlimiProMotion™ Landscape with iProMotion™. Find out more about them on the official ROBE website.

All the listed products are available for preorder. For more information send inquiry.