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LAV Studio distributer PROLIGHTS profesionalne stage, kazališne, studijske i filmske rasvjete - Prolights logoToday we would like to present you another brand from our distribution – PROLIGHTS,  the professional lighting division of Music & Lights S.r.l., an Italian company specialized in the production of technology for the show industry. The PROLIGHTS brand was founded in 2001 with a focus on the design and production of professional lighting and video panels for live events, concerts, broadcasts and installations. The company's mission is to listen to the needs of their customers and deliver outstanding products that enhance their creative and technical experience. The company is headquartered in Minturno, Italy, where the company's commercial, operational and R&D centers are located. In Croatia, you can get Prolights products in our distribution.


Theater, film and studio lighting

Lighting is certainly one of the key elements of every theatrical, film or studio production. Without it, the entire production design and scenario is simply not achievable. Prolights brings to the market innovative and high-quality static LED solutions that allow lighting professionals to achieve exceptional results, regardless of the challenges they face. Their offer of theater, film and studio lighting is divided into;

- Profile reflectors (Ellipsoidals)

- Fresnel lighting fixtures

- Soft Lighting ("soft" LED panels)

- Cycloramas

- LED Par lighting


Prolights profile spotlights

LAV Studio distribucija - PROLIGHTS profilni reflektori - EclProfileProlights offers a wide range of products that enable precise control and flexibility, which is essential for any production. Whether you are looking for RGB or Full White LED profiles for indoor or outdoor use, you will surely find the solution in the Prolights EclProfile series. The EclProfile series implements LED technology that ensures outstanding color reproduction and sharp contours. The series is ideal for creating dramatic scenographies in theaters as well as for other applications. Check out all EclProfile series profile reflectors here.


Prolights Fresnel lighting fixtures

LAV-Studio-Prolightis-distributer-Hrvatska-LED-fresneli-PROLIGHTS-LED-fresnel-rasvjetna-tijela- EclFresnel-serijaProlights LED Fresnel fixtures combine classic design with modern technology, providing a soft, even light that is perfect for film and theater sets. Its flexibility enables easy adaptation to different conditions and comes in various variants. Available are EclFresnel VW series (variable white), EclFresnel TW series (tunable white), EclFresnel CT+ series (IP65, 6-color source), EclMiniFresnels, as well as full color models. Find the entire EclFresnel offer here.


Prolights Soft Lighting

LAV Studio distribucija - Prolights LED rasvjetni paneli - EclPanel na setuLED Soft Lighting panels are the perfect choice for studio (television) and film applications. The LED panel provides a wide spectrum of colors and exceptional adaptability, enabling precise control of color temperature and light intensity. It is an ideal solution for creating different light atmospheres on the set.Prolights panels come in different dimensions and source power with various light effects. Battery solutions are also available. Find all Prolights LED Soft Lighting solutions here.lav studio prolights distributer hrvatska - baterijski EclNanoPanel na filmskom setu


Prolights Cycloramas

Cycloramas are diffuse lighting devices designed to illuminate backgrounds. They are divided into linear (symmetric) and asymmetric, and the difference between them is the beam of light they deliver. In the case of linear cycloramas, it can be seen that the lighting is stronger in the lower part, i.e. closer to the source, and the upper part is illuminated with a lower intensity. With asymmetric ones, the light source is reflected into the reflective surface, which then illuminates more consistently, i.e. illuminates the surface with equal intensity from bottom to top.LAV Studio - Prolights ciklorame - EclCyc serijaProlights cyclorama offer consists of two series (EclExpo Flood and EclCyc series) which differ in sizes, source power and colors. Find the entire range of cycloramas here.


Prolights LED PAR

PAR stands for Single Source Parabolic Aluminum Reflector. With these lighting fixtures, both the source and the lens are located in the same aluminum housing. Due to its smaller size, it is ideal for various applications, from television sets to theater stages. Prolights EclPar series comes in full color, tunable white, daylight and ultra violet versions with a wide range of accessories. Find out more.LAV Studio - LED PAR rasvjetna tijela - Prolights EclPar serija

LAV Studio Prolights distributor Croatia

You can find the entire range of Prolights theater, film and studio lighting on the manufacturer's website, and all fixtures and variants are available in the LAV Studio offer. Contact us for consultation and customized solutions that suit your specific needs, as well as more information on prices and delivery times.

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