PROLIGHTS ControlGo: Flexible multifunctional lighting control

PROLIGHTS has introduced a new battery-powered portable lighting controller! Meet ControlGO – a multipurpose portable 1-Universe lighting control that is also a DMX control and recorder, RDM manager and CRMX transmitter.LAV Studio - Prolights distributer Hrvatska - Distribucija profesionalne rasvjetne opreme - ControlGO prijenosna bežićna rasvjetna kontrola

Prolights ControlGO

Prolights ControlGo is the ultimate flexible, multi-purpose lighting controller. This multifunctional tool, which is also very easy to use, combines remote control of lighting fixtures, RDM, CRMX, DMX control and DMX recording in one portable and durable device.

LAV Studio distribucija rasvjetnih kontrola - Prolights ControlGo mobilna rasvjetna kontrolaWhether you're controlling lighting on a movie set, setting fixture addresses for a trade show booth, or managing battery-powered lighting fixtures, ControlGO is the device you need to get up and run things quickly and easily. Easily address and group lighting devices, create presets and sequences, and control lighting.


Power is provided from multiple sources such as NP-F or V-Lock batteries, DC 12-48V input via SF6-M 4p or USB-C 5-12V power input.

Prolights ControlGO bežićna mobilna rasvjetna kontrola - napajanje putem baterijaWith wired and CRMX wireless DMX & RDM, ControlGO is compatible with up to 42 fixtures of any brand in one Universe. Its intuitive touch screen interface, plus physical buttons and encoders, allow quick, easy and precise access to all device functions.

LAV Studio distribucija profesionalne stage rasvjetne opreme - Prolights ControlGo wireless kontroler rasvjete - mogućnosti spajanja

Main characteristics:

- One Universe DMX Controller, RDM controller, DMX recorder, Remote UI

- 5'' touch screen with 4 RGB encoders and physical buttons for an unprecedented user experience

- Signal output via XLR, Wireless CRMX and remote UI connectors

- Power supply: NPF batteries, V-mount adapter plate, 48V DC remote input, 12-48V DC input through SF6-M 4p, USB type-C input (5-12V)

- Protocols: CRMX+W-DMX, DMX512, RDM

- DMX channels: 512

- Wireless control: included, LumenRadio TimoTwo DMX/RDM compatible with CRMX, CRMX2 (Lumen Radio) and W-DMX (wireless DMX), Bluetooth capable

- RDM: RDM for remote monitoring and settings


You can find the rest of the characteristics and more about this product on the manufacturer's website.

ControlGO as well as other Prolights products are available in the LAV Studio offer. For more information about the price and delivery times, send an inquiry.