LAV Studio - Projektiranje rasvjetnog sustava za Kuču kostrenskih pomoraca

Clients: Municipality of Kostrena

Project date: 2023.

Project type: Lighting,

The Kostrena Seamen’s House Interpretation Center is a new cultural and tourist product of the Municipality of Kostrena. The goal of the newly opened center, located in the renovated building of the former Sveta Barbara school, is to explain and bring the importance of seafaring and maritime tradition to the visitors in the area of Kostrena. To our great satisfaction, during the reconstruction of the building into a new interpretation center, our task was to design and implement the complete lighting system and the integration of the House.

Pictures of the project

Project description

The interpretation center was conceptualized as a journey between sea, land and sky, and this was carried out in the space of the Kostrena Seamen’s House through four thematic units. The ground floor of the building represents the sea, the first floor of the building represents the land, attic area the sky, and the staircase by which visitors move between these parts represents the journey. Of course, the client’s desire was to realize this idea through a lighting system, so they asked us for a solution that would be able to meet all the required requirements and adapt to the necessary situations. Our offered solution satisfied all the client’s requirements, and we soon started integrating the system.

As we previously mentioned, the ground floor of the House symbolizes the sea, so for that reason the lighting had to be adapted to the color of the sea, i.e. blue. In order to achieve this, we decided to implement built-in ugradnih Anolis Ambiane AP lighting fixtures. This specialized, high-performance luminaire is suitable for ambient, wall and accent lighting. It has a very high CRI output with an easy way to control CCT. When designing the lighting, we decided on the Ambiane version in the RGBW version, with a white temperature of 4000K, optics of 80°, in a white and black finish. In addition to the ground floor, we also installed Anolis Ambiane AP on the first floor and part of the staircase. For the exterior lighting of the building, i.e. the access staircase, we used Anolis ArcSource  Outdoor 4MC, IP67 lighting fixtures that are perfect for precise lighting of building features and landscape scenarios. We solved the lighting of the exhibition on the ground floor by implementing ProLights EclPanel TWCMINI2X1, an RGB + white LED panel. In addition to the previously mentioned Anolis Ambiene, we also used ProLights DisplayCob TRWDWW, Warm White LED reflectors of 45W to illuminate the staircase. The attic space of the building as well as some exhibition installations are illuminated by ProLights EclMiniProfile TRWD, 28W mini LED profiles that come with a built-in W-DMX module for cable-free operation.


In addition to the lighting system, audio is also integrated throughout the building. It is intended for background atmospheric music, and we implemented ProAudio CS630TC in-ceiling speakers connected to ProAudio PA120T amplifiers. They are controlled via the Cloud DCM1 digital zone mixer, which together with the lighting control is housed in the supplied communications rack cabinet.


The entire lighting system is managed through the Visual Productions solution. All lighting fixtures are connected to Visual Productions QuadCore, a compact lighting controller for (semi)permanent installations and architectural lighting. In order to expand the QuadCore’s control capabilities, we also implemented the Visual Productions IoCore2 interface extension module that enables control via buttons. To enable easy control of the lighting system, we implemented Visual Productions Kiosc Touch. Kiosc is an application that allows you to create custom user interfaces for controlling Visual Productions lighting controllers.


The Kostrena Seamen’s House was officially opened on December 1, 2023. The client is very satisfied with the lighting system and its simple control. The new interpretation center is managed by the public institution Center of Culture Kostrena, so you can find out more information about the exhibition and opening hours on their webpage, and we invite you to visit the Kostrena Seamen’s House and learn more about the sea and seafaring.

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