LAV Studio ekskluzivni distributer TAF Truss aluminijskih konstrukcija

Clients: I.D.D. Production

Project date: June, 2023.

Project type: Stages and Truss systems,

To succeed in the professional stage equipment rental industry, a company must provide its clients with top-notch solutions tailored to their needs. This entails ongoing investments to enhance the rental inventory with cutting-edge audio, video, lighting, and stage equipment. The primary focus of such companies is to offer the highest quality and most advanced gear. LAV Studio, a supplier of professional lighting, truss, and stage solutions, not only provides the latest technological advancements but also offers expert guidance in selecting components and reliable after-sales support.

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Project description


I.D.D. Production is a stage equipment rental company from Pula that, through its many years of experience, has met the various requirements of its clients. In order to meet these requirements as successfully as possible, they continuously invest in the range they rent.


As an exclusive TAF Truss distributor, LAV Studio has extensive experience in the design, delivery and assembly of aluminum structures. So for the needs of I.D.D. Production,we delivered a new ground support, mobile aluminum structure that can be assembled in different dimensions up to a maximum of 12×10 meters, i.e. up to a size of 120m2, and its height is up to a maximum of 7.5 meters. The construction is made of FT44 square truss segments (400x400mm) with a tube 50x2mm, of different lengths, and in this case we delivered FT44-100, FT44-200 and FT44-300. The FT44 load tables are certified by TÜV SÜD, and the maximum range is certified up to 16 m. For this reason, these segments are ideal for roof systems. In order to be able to achieve different heights, four TAF TOWER1 towers were delivered, composed of TAF TT34 (50x4mm), with a load capacity of up to 1000 kg. This tower system is very useful when designing aluminum roofs and installing large LED screens. The tower can be equipped with a manual winch, a manual chain hoist or, as in this case, lifting motor, which is why each tower is supplied with a TAF MH-SB-FT44 motor holder. I.D.D. is very satisfied with the different application possibilities of this aluminum construction, and the ground support had its premiere last summer at the Parni Valjak concert in Pula.

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