Clients: Hrvatski dom u Splitu

Project date: 2019.

Project type: Lighting,

The Hrvatski dom Split concert hall is a public cultural institution that organizes various concerts, musical and stage works. This concert hall with a capacity of over 250 seats is one of the most famous cultural centers of Split. The building of the Hrvatski dom dates back to 1908, and accordingly has a very lively history. It was designed in the Art Nouveau style of architecture and was built according to the vision of architect Kamil Tončić. Throughout history, it played a very important role in Split’s music and theater community. The renovation project of the Hrvatski dom Split building started in 2017. In December 2020, the completely renovated Hrvatski dom and the concert hall were officially opened to the public. That’s how Split got its new temple of music and art. We are extremely proud that, as Robe distributors for Croatia, we participated in a small part of the renovation project, equipping the concert hall with professional stage lighting.

Pictures of the project

Project description

The concert hall of the Hrvatski dom is an intimate and beautiful space. It has excellent acoustics and is used for various concerts and performances. Usually, over a dozen shows are played on the stage every month, reinforced with daily performances during the Split summer, which lasts a month. The hall is also used for various conferences and presentations. In order for the hall to leave an even better visual impression on its guests, we supplied a large number of Robe lighting fixtures for the stage’s scenic lighting needs. With the combination of Robe T1 Profile and Robe ROBIN® LEDWash 600, we equipped the whole space very efficiently. T1 Profile is today a “must have” for theater, television or tours.

The 550W Multi-spectral LED engine, with a zoom range of 7° to 49° with various effects such as rotating gobo wheel, animation wheel and rotating prisms, is specially designed to meet the challenging requirements of different applications within one comprehensive device. LEDWash 600 has 37x 10 W RGBW multichip LEDs, arranged in 3 concentric rings with color output ranging from soft pastels to the richest saturations. T1 and LEDWash 600 are used as main stage lighting. By projecting dynamic gobo patterns onto the back wall behind the stage, the space gains the ability to display various atmospheres that are easily adapted to needs. Integrating Robe intelligent lighting has allowed this space to fully function as a premier performance space in the 21st century. After a break due to first construction works and then the pandemic, in 2022 the Concert Hall held more concerts than all concert halls in Croatia. So we can conclude that the new ROBE lighting fixtures were implemented at the right moment.

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