Clients: Croatian radiotelevision

Project date: 2020.

Project type: Truss systems,

After 30 long years of broadcasting, central news show Dnevnik that airs on HRT and its production team moved from a studio measuring 80 square meters to a new, larger, more technically equipped modern studio measuring over 320m2. The new Studio 12 meets all the latest international standards. The company Radionica statice created the implementation project of the lighting structure, TDK Bravarija created the elements for the structure’s attachment to the reinforced concrete console, while the company Urbane ideje carried out the test load of the structure, all in accordance with the conditions of public procurement. For the needs of equipping the new studio, LAV Studio delivered and installed the aluminum construction, made by TAF (Truss Aluminum Factory) of which we are the exclusive distributors for Croatia. TAF is one of the world’s leading market leaders and deals with the production and design of high-quality aluminum constructions. Their team is made up of qualified and experienced professionals who are always ready to help and give professional advice.

Pictures of the project

Project description

We supplied and installed a top-of-the-line TAF aluminum structure built from high quality EN-AW 6082 T6 aluminum alloy, HT44 aluminum segment model with 400mm square cross-section. This segment has a high buckling resistance precisely because of its characteristics – tubular profiles with dimensions of 50x3mm and transversely diagonal grids with dimensions of 25x3mm. The construction carries elements of lighting (primarily studio, then evacuation and working), video (LED screen) and sound.

The dimensions of the aluminum structure are 22700 mm x 12855 mm, and it is supported by seven columns with a height of 6250 mm and two supporting load-bearing elements of steel profiles. Client request was that the entire structure must be painted in RAL9005 color using the high-quality powder coating method.

Thanks to TAF’s technology and many years of experience in designing aluminum structures, the desired load capacity of the structure of 4000 kg was achieved.

Croatian Radio and Television’s Studio 12 premiered on September 21, 2020. On the First Program of HRT, at 7:00 p.m., the central evening Dnevnik was broadcast for the first time from the new modern Studio 12.

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