Welcome to the LAV Studio website!

Our company has many years of experience in representing, designing, delivering and installing professional lighting systems, architectural lighting, stage elements and aluminum truss systems for various purposes. The company was created in response to clients’ needs for quality solutions in the lighting and stage technology segment.

LAV Studio’s offer includes a wide range of high-quality products that are produced by renowned global manufacturers for which we are authorized distributors. It includes professional lighting and lighting desks for various applications, such as concerts, theater performances, sporting events and a wide selection of aluminum truss systems for various purposes, such as stages, stands, decorative elements and more. We also supply the market with various additional stage equipment such as smoke machines, lifting motors, various protective cases, etc.

LAV Studio is dedicated to providing top quality service to clients. Our experts use an individual approach to each client and project, to ensure a solution that meets their specific needs. With high-quality products and a personalized approach, our company provides a complete service from consultation, procurement and design to fast delivery, professional installation and service of equipment.

The company’s headquarters are located in Pula at Mutilska 46, where the administration, wholesale, specialized service and our showroom are located, where we will be happy to present the equipment from our sales range.

Our team

General manager

Davor Vujić

E-mail: davor.vujic@lav-studio.hr

Tehnical manager

Emil Koller

E-mail: emil.koller@lav-studio.hr

System integration

Patricio Valenta

E-mail: patricio.valenta@lav-studio.hr

System integration

Marko Vrhar

E-mail: marko.vrhar@lav-studio.hr


Sanja Vujić

E-mail: sanja.vujic@lav-studio.hr


Stefani Zečević-Pejić

E-mail: administracija@lav-studio.hr


Nina Vujić

E-mail: nina.vujic@lav-studio.hr


Toni Turković

E-mail: toni.turkovic@lav-studio.hr


Aleksandar Peinović

E-mail: aleksandar.peinovic@lav-studio.hr


Miro Kusačić

E-mail: miro.kusacic@lav-studio.hr


Luka Marković
Glorijan Ječić

E-mail: instalacije@lav-studio.hr

Lighting Specialist

Željko Bašković

E-mail: zeljko.baskovic@lav-studio.hr